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- is a startup from Finland developing general use Predictive Maintenance solution that is easy to buy, easy to install and easy to use.

One solution fits all

BeGo vibration bundle can be applied to variety of machines as much as the machine generates vibration

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Predictive Maintenance made accessible

From now on using BeGo vibration bundle even 50 year old machines can become IOT enabled and safe to use

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BeGo Vibration Solution - is a combination of both hardware and software allowing your machinery operations to be measured and analyzed for further malfunction/maintenance predictability.

Why predictive maintenance from BeGo?


Stay connected with your machines in real time 24/7


Check the status of your assets, plan maintenance, increase efficiency and decrease operational costs


Receive your machine's condition updates and notifications in generic and in detailed format

BeGo Products


Plug&Go Sensor device that can be easily installed on any machinery surface that generates vibration. Characteristics:
• Connectivity: LTE/3G - with sim card and data plan
• Sensor: Piezo vibration microphone sensor or accelerometer
• Power supply: 5-12v
• Mounting: Double-sided tape or screws


Data platform allows data storing for 2 years and visualizes overall conditions of all monitorable machines. Characteristics:
• Azure IOT hub to control BeGo devices and 3rd party sensors
• Azure Data factory - Allows integration of customers data
• Azure Data Lake - Allows storing data for 2 years


Azure architecture with analysis engine allowing machine condition monitoring. Analytics capabilities:
• Machine Vibration norm
• FFT analysis
• Malfunction labelling


With PowerBI reporting tool you can improve business decisions based on your machine vibration data. Dashboard features:
• Map with machinery locations
• Machine status logs
• Financial KPI affected by uptime/downtime
• Failures on monthly basis
• Specific machine data

Operational KPIs


Your business production level highly relies on your machinery uptime. Keeping uptime stable is critical to get maximum out of the machine. BeGo solution not only tracks the machine utilization by seconds, but also provides important insights on how you could potentially increase the uptime. Increase uptime by up to 9%.


Safety is the key in industrial business. BeGo solution with its vibration measurements can trigger critical vibration levels and imideatelly notify responsible parties of any dangers and warnings occurring on the site. Reduce safety risks by up to 14%.


Every machine has its technical age after which maintenance could become costly. With BeGo bundle complemented with analytical wear level calculation we get a chance to control the age of separate parts to therefore reduce costs by avoiding the failures. Extend lifetime up to 20%


It is a standard process to have planned maintenance or to call an engineer in case of the asset's malfunction. But what if maintenance could be scheduled based on the data? With a complete set of BeGo components machine gets tracked in real time allowing the owner to track machine part's wear level, possible upcoming failures, uptime/downtime. With these components, one can schedule the replacement of some parts beforehand to avoid possible linked failures. Reduce operation costs by up to 12%.

Technology adoption experience in 3 easy steps


End-to-end implementation

  • Get your case reviewed and prepared
  • Get all the instructions
  • Solution is installed and connected
  • Data is collected and labelled per customer
  • System is running in full


In our portfolio, you can browse the latest product adaptations for various use-cases piloted with our partners.

We work hard on every app to deliver top-notch features with great UI that you won’t find anywhere else.

We work hard on every app to deliver top-notch features with great UI that you won’t find anywhere else.

We work hard on every app to deliver top-notch features with great UI that you won’t find anywhere else.

We work hard on every app to deliver top-notch features with great UI that you won’t find anywhere else.


Bego Offers different pricing models that can be adjusted to your specific needs. Feel free to reach us out and will help you to pick the most suitable for your type of business. Cost is structured from the hardware component and a software layer.


    • Bego vibration device
    • Frame mounting
    • Power supply
    • Installation instructions and support
    • 120€ PIECE


    • Secure platform instance
    • User accesses
    • Customizable dashboards
    • Notifications and SMS alerts
    • 20€ MONTH

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